We build products that matter.


What we do

We aren’t just experts in one given area.
We are experts in bringing products to life.

Prototyping  is our tool.
Our process of innovation is always the same. Integration being our skill, we are able to adapt and give fast solutions that fit the final user’s needs.

So it doesn’t matter if you want to build an IOT product, a wearable, a medical device or a new escape room gaming experience. We can handle any tech project.

Our work

Who we are

We are a team of engineers, developers, designers,  entrepreneurs and teachers.

Innovation is uncertainty.
Our vision is to cover the user’s needs by designing a product through prototyping and iteration, therefore reducing all risks.

our team

Our experience

Within 5 years in this industry Protofy has successfully accomplished many projects  building all kinds of solutions, products and inventions.
  • 253
  • 82
    Projects made with love

    Project metrics

    Protofy aims to minimize all risks in the shortest amount of time. On average the biggest milestones are overcome in:
    • 30
      Work days
    • 3

      How we do it

      Protofy focuses on lean and agile processes. In every iteration we deliver working prototypes to the costumer

      Our strategy focuses on solving the most difficult problems during the first phases, always ensuring the maximum rate of succes.

      We’re building to learn, and learning to build, through inspiration, ideation and implementation.

      What our clients say about us:

      Working with Protofy has been a very positive experience. They have integrated very quickly into our structure and our teams, demonstrating excellence and dedication throughout the process.
      Seat Spain
      Protofy took the certification requirements into consideration from the very first prototype. This has been a key factor to successfully certify the final device.”
      Jose Mari Pujol, COO at FICOSA
      It was a pleasure to work with the guys at Protofy. They made sure we were well informed and they did their job on time with a fantastic result.
      Pau Garcia Milà, Cofounder at Ideafoster
      “It's quite astonishing what such a company as Protofy.xyz has been able to do in such unprecedented circumstances of crisis. They have managed to suceed with a great mixture of a bold vision, talent, courage, unlimited will and an authentic service-oriented attitude.
      Felipe Poblet, Director of business developer at Bosch Spain