We bring your IoT prototypes from idea to reality fast and reliably.

Electronic Development

We design any kind of circuitry needed and embed it in a PCB. With our vast knowledge in sensors and new technologies we grant you the optimal solution.

Mechanic Development

We implement all kinds of moving parts and actuators in your prototype.

Web Development

We develop all the dashboards and web pages functionalities that your prototype may require.

App Development

We develop Android, iOS, Windows and Linux Apps based on both Desktop and mobile devices to grant you prototype further functionalities.

Electronic, mechanic, app & web development

Our process

We shape your idea into a physical prototype in the shortest time possible ensuring top-notch quality.
3 months from idea to prototype 3 months from idea to prototype


Your satisfaction is our goal.


Protofy welcomes companies, startups, marketing agencies and individuals willing to transform their ideas into prototypes.

Protofy designs and creates prototypes in the fastes posible time For that reason we don't waste money on anything non related to creating the prototype. We apply different methods such as Lean and Scrum to work efficiently. In addition we always reduce the costs by using our suppliers network.

It highly depends on the number of prototypes and how close you want to come to industrialization. On average our prototypes are ready to be tested 3 months after the first contact.

Each prototype is different so it's impossible to give an estimated price. For that reason, we offer a quotation service prior to the start of the project.

Generally Protofy doesn’t accept equity as payment method, however we may consider an arrangement in some special cases.

We are open to work as advisors and cooperate with your team of engineers.

Yes, Protofy also develops standalone software and hardware.


Shape your idea into a prototype.
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